ANCOP WALK is an annual benefit walk Philippine Canadian Charitable Foundation proudly participates in.




On December 10, 2016, a donation of $11,500 was handed over to ANCOP President Ricky Cuenca to support its mission and build more homes for the poor in the Philippines. Ricky praised PCCF for its continued support and will use these funds to complete the PCCF ANCOP Village in Tala, Caloocan, where dozens of families have been previously afflicted by Leprosy.




Philippine Canadian Charitable Foundation or PCCF has once again fulfilled its promise of advocating for Charity by walking for the poor at the ANCOP Walk and donating $13,000! The monetary donation will build more houses for poor families in the Philippines.To-date, PCCF has donated over $66,000 to different worthy causes. ANCOP is one of PCCF's main beneficiaries, Answering the Cry of the Poor (ANCOP) through Faith and Action, the ANCOP Walk is an annual global fundraising event that raises funds for the poor in the Philippines and other third world countries. The donation ANCOP receives will go towards providing shelter, housing and child education programs for the poor living in extreme poverty.PCCF is proud to celebrate its 5th year anniversary celebration and support this worthy cause. Let's continue to build houses for the poor!














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The Toronto ANCOP Walk was held Sunday, August 24, 2014, originating from the Nathan Phillips Square. The Philippine Canadian Charitable Foundation (PCCF) has, as in the past 3 years, again participated in the Walk. In addition, the PCCF pageant winners: Little Miss Philippines Canada, Arielle Perez; Mr Pinoy Bulilit, Edward Jones; Miss Teen Philippines Canada, Adrienne Eduria; Krisgelle Maramot and Jennifer Lotz, Miss Philippines Canada and Miss Philippines Canada Runner-Up, showed their singing prowess, while Velona Daliva and Gloria Salvador, Mrs Philippines Canada and Mrs Philippines Canada Runner-Up, performed a dance number, during the Programme at the Nathan Phillips Square prior to the walk.


The ANCOP Walk (formerly ANCOP Can Walk and GK Walk) is an annual fundraising event of ANCOP International Canada to raise funds to help build homes for the poorest of the poor. Held in various Canadian locations, the ANCOP Walk encourages participants to raise funds and awareness of ANCOP Shelter and Child programs, that help lift the poor in third world countries by providing shelter, education and hope for those living in extreme poverty.


ANCOP International Canada is a Christian registered non-profit charitable Canadian organization. ANCOP is an acronym for ANswering the Cry Of the Poor. Their work started in the Philippines in the year 2000, through the GK program. To date, ANCOP has built more than 2,500 homes and provided educational assistance to our over a thousand children. PCCF has built houses in the Philippines in the years of their being partner sponsors of ANCOP.


True to the Vision and Passion of Philippine Canadian Charitable Foundation  (PCCF) Officers to advocate for charity.  PCCF , led by president Romy Rafael, presented a cheque in the amount of $9,000 to ANCOP President, Temi Pangilinan.  To date, PCCF has donated to ANCOP  $27,500, the donation will fund the building of houses for the poor in the  planned PCCF Village in Paranaque. 


Inauguration of the village is scheduled on January 2014 and Rosemer Enverga EVP of PCCF,  indicated that the donation is the result of everyone's support in all of the events of PCCF, namely, Pinoy Fiesta and Trade Show Toronto, Miss Philippines Canada, Little Miss Philippines Canada and Mrs. Philippines Canada.  Everyone had fun and helped at the same time. A few weeks ago, PCCF donated $3,500 for a fencing project at the home of the Filipino Mission in Canada.

Joining the cheque presentation included the officers and supporters of PCCF, Councillor cho and parliamentarians Senator Enverga, founder of PCCF and Brampton MP Parm Gill.   



Due to the  success of various events of the Philippine Canadian Charitable Foundation (PCCF) and true to its promise, the organization has allocated donations to various charities and worthy Causes. Ten Thousand dollars, The first of its donations goes to the Building of Houses for the Poor through ANCOP or Answering the Cry of the poor . The PCCF president, Jimmy Marasigan  led the delegations that include MissPhilippines Canada 2012 Alev Usta, runner ups Mary Quilao & Meghan Garvida, Mrs. Philippines Canada June 2012 Javier and Little Miss Philippines Canada runner up Kiana Craig. Joining the walk included EVP Rosemer Enverga, VP Romy Rafael.Officers, Lita & Tony Leano, Alain & Sheila Canizares, Mrs PhilippinesCanada 2011 Noemi Milanes, Gie Alvarez, Bing Marasigan and Trustee Jun Enverga.


 The donation was presented to ANCOP President Temi Pangilinan during the annual ANCOP Walk in Downtown Toronto, August, 2012.






Philippine Canadian Charitable Foundation (PCCF), true to its promise to advocate for Charity joins the ANCOP Walk in Downtown Toronto.  PCCF Delegation was lead by Jimmy & Bing Marasigan, Rosemer & Jun Enverga, Romy & Rebecca Rafael, Pors & Mitz Canlas, Sena & Carlos Flores and Tony & Lita Leano. Most Prestigious Pageant winners Miss Philippines Canada 2011 Rachel Pantaleon, Miss Philippines Canada runner up Natasha Ponce, Mrs. Philippines Canada 2011 Noemi Milanes, Mrs Philippines Canada - runner up Cheryl Vallee. Little Miss Philippines Canada 2011 Alyssia Vera Cruz and Little Miss Philippines runner up Faith Salgatar were also on hand to support the charity walk.