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Philippines 2016 featuring Mrs. Philippines Canada 2015

Job well done, Ning - Mrs Philippines Canada 2015 ! Last June, 2015, Yonita or Ning won Mrs Philippines Canada 2015 at last year's Pinoy Fiesta & Tradeshow sa Toronto at the Metro Toronto Convention Center. She was among 5 amazing candidates who not only personified Filipina beauty, brains and talent, but who joined the pageants for a good cause... to have fun and help the poor!

Ning joined the PCCF trip to the Philippines to experience the true beauty and culture of the Philippines! She was also able to visit many of the beneficiaries of of PCCF such as the ANCOP village for leprosy victims, Missionaries of Charity and Kapuso Foundation. She was also one of the stars at the Ati-atihan Festival in Kalibo, Aklan and so much more! Check out the album!

It was truly an experience of a lifetime for Ning!

ANNOUNCEMENT: PCCF is now searching for the next Little Miss Philippines Canada, Miss Philippines Canada and Mrs. Philippines Canada candidates for 2016. If you or anyone you know is interested please e-mail

Prizes include a FREE trip to the Philippines, appearances on TV, Radio and much much more. Best of all you get to help the poor! Join now!

PCCF.. Having Fun, while helping others! For the latest updates, don't forget to Like us on Facebook! Follow us on IG, Twitter, YouTube Salamat Po! Thank You!

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