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PCCF donates to Sister's Charity

"Do the little things well and you shall be entrusted with more." - Mother Theresa

PCCF was humbled to visit the Sisters of Charity and donate some much needed supplies to the needy.

It was a touching experience for the PCCF entourage to see and hear firsthand how much all their love and support for the needy was appreciated by the recipients. The group included PCCFs Rosemer​ Enverga, Romy & Rebecca Rafael, Amelia Arcillo, Gloria Salvador, Miss Philippines Canada 2018 Ranielle Macapagal, Miss Teen Philippines Canada 2018 Alexa Grant, Little Miss Philippines Canada 2018 Samantha Sarmiento, Mrs Philippines Canada 2018 Elvira Ortiz, Miss Philippines Canada 2018 1st RU Ashlyn Velecina and Little Miss Philippines Canada 2018 1st RU Jasmine Browne.

More photos of PCCF's activities will be posted soon!

More pictures:


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