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Vision & Mission...


The Philippine Canadian Charitable Foundation is a charitable and non-profit umbrella organization composed of different leaders of various provincial, professional, cultural and social organizations. PCCF was created mainly to assist various community charitable needs, PCCF will have annual activities that will bring together the Filipino-Canadian Community to promote the spirit of Charity.


The organizers of the foundation are proven charitable leaders, collectively they have lead and assisted in sending over $440,000 USD worth of Medical Equipment and supplies to different hospitals in the Philippines, sent medical and dental missions to thousands of poor and needy families. Collectively they have assisted in the building of 33 Houses for the poor families.


PCCF is approved as a charity in the province of Ontario (Ontario Corporation Number 1824607).


Mandate of PCCF

1.    To relieve poverty in developing nations by providing food and other basic supplies to persons in need.

2.    To provide necessities of life to victims of disasters.

3.    To provide Education, counseling and other support services for immigrants and refugees in need, including language instruction,    

        employment training, job search programs, translation services and information programs on Canadian culture and life.

4.    To educate and increase the public’s understanding and appreciation of the arts by providing performances of an artistic nature in   


       places, senior citizens homes, churches, community centres and education institutions and by providing seminars on topics relating to 

       such performances.

5.    To produce performing arts festivals for the purposes of educating and advancing the public’s understanding and appreciation of 

        performing arts and to educate artists through participation in such fiestas and related workshops.




Every year, PCCF will manage numerous activities that will complement their charitable mandate.  The organization will endeavor to help other organizations that support charitable activities for seniors, the youth and other worthy activities.  


PCCF has pledged to build houses for the poor in the Philippines through the ANCOP initiative and support various fund raising to help victims of natural calamities.

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