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PCCF has partnered with ANCOP Canada to build Shelter Homes for the Poor! Through the success of PCCF Events and our participation during the annual ANCOP walks, our humanitarian efforts have built homes for our poor kababayan in the Philippines.
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ANCOP the acronym for 'Answering the Cry of the Poor" is a registered non-profit Canadian charity established to alleviate poverty in poor countries like the Philippines through holistic community development program that includes shelter, education, livelihood, health, value formation, community development and humanitarian relief.

ANCOP is one of the beneficiaries of PCCF and has completed a village of 33 houses named, " PCCF-ANCOP Village" in Tala, Quezon City, in which the recipients of the houses are rehabilitated victims of leprosy.

The Philippine Canadian Charitable Foundation (PCCF) together with several organizations throughout Ontario, recently participated in the ANCOP walk in downtown Toronto to raise awareness of the plight of our needy kababayans.

PCCF is undertaking another project and by supporting PCCF and its events, you share in uplifting the lives of our poor brothers and sisters languishing in poverty, and in restoring their dignity and giving people hope.

Let's build more houses for the poor!


CALOOCAN, PHILIPPINES - JANUARY, 2020 - Through ANCOP Canada, the Philippine Canadian Charitable Foundation succeeded in completing a village for individuals who have been impacted by Leprosy. The village also consists of the Senator Tobias C. Enverga Jr Multipurpose Hall in honour of PCCF's founder.

Led by PCCF President Rosemer Enverga, the entourage of over 20 officers, members, their families and the 2019 Pageants Entourage: Sophie-Little Miss Philippines Canada, Hailey-Miss Teen Philippines Canada and Rena-Miss Philippines Canada visited the ANCOP Village and distributed goodies to its residents.

The opportunity to meet and see firsthand the results of all the hardwork of the PCCF members was truly memorable! PCCF hopes to begin a new village in the coming months.

By supporting PCCF events like the Pageants with a Cause, the Pinoy Fiesta & Trade Show sa Toronto on June 27th, 2020 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre and Volleyball for a Cause.. you are truly making a difference in the lives of others! Thank you!



For the 9th year in a row, the Philippine Canadian Charitable Foundation (PCCF) walked along with thousands of participants at the annual ANCOP Walk. A sea of participants in green shirts took over downtown Toronto chanting, "ANCOP for the Poor.. Build houses for the poor!" as they completed the 5kms walk. ANCOP or ANswering the Cry of the Poor organizes this annual event that endeavors to raise funds for Child Sponsorship, Community Development, and Humanitarian Relief programs.

A donation of $10,000 was presented by PCCF President, Rosemer Enverga, to ANCOP President Ricky Cuenca. "ANCOP has been one PCCF's main beneficiaries and I hope that with this donation, we can start building another village to support needy families in the Philippines!" said Rosemer. Among the PCCF group were Officers Noemi Milanes, Amelia Arcillo, Josephine Dizon and the Pageants Entourage: Sophia Grajo- Little Miss Philippines Canada 2019, Hailey Daryanani-Miss Teen Philippines Canada 2019, Rena Sumatra-Miss Philippines Canada 2019, Nonalyn Calawagan-Mrs. Philippines Canada 2019 and Elle Delizo-Miss Philippines Canada, 1st Runner-Up & Best in Talent who serenaded the crowd. Alexa Grant, Miss Teen Philippines Canada 2018 were also present with her parents.

We would like to THANK YOU all for coming out to support a great cause and congratulations to the organizers for yet another successful event!

PCCF is proud to have completed the building of the PCCF Tala Village in Caloocan, Philippines. The village is home to families impacted by Leprosy and also contains the Senator Tobias C. Enverga Jr Multipurpose Hall donated by the late Senator's family. With your continued support, we can help build more houses for the poor!

Having fun, while helping others!


Celebrating its 15th year Anniversary, thousands of ANCOP Walk participants took over the streets of downtown Toronto to raise awareness and funds to support the less fortunate last August 19th, 2018. The volunteers and officers of the Philippine Canadian Charitable Foundation (PCCF) were proud to be among the participants who walked for the poor! A donation of $15,000 was presented to Ricky Cuenca on behalf of ANCOP Canada to support and uplift the lives of the needy. Led by PCCF President Romy Rafael, EVP Rosemer Enverga, PCCF Executives Lita & Tony Leano, Mario Alpuerto, Danio & Nhitz Penuliar, Rebecca Rafael, Fe & Jojo Taduran, Amelia Arcillo, Marita Enriquez and the 2018 Pageant Entourage: Samantha Sarmiento-Little Miss Philippines Canada, Alexa Grant-Miss Teen Philippines Canada, Ranielle Macapagal-Miss Philippines Canada, Elvira Ortiz-Mrs. Philippines Canada, Joseph Sucion-Little Mr. Philippines Canada and runners-up Jacklynn Bowdery, Sophia Sambrana and Jasmine Jade Browne; the PCCF group fulfilled its promise to support ANCOP and its mission. After the recent completion of the ANCOP Village in Tala, Caloocan, Philippines which is now home to 33 families impacted by Leprosy, PCCF is set to start a building a new ANCOP Village in 2019. “The Tala Village and Multipurpose Hall was what my husband, the late Senator Tobias Enverga always envisioned… surely, he is smiling down at us now! So it is truly humbling to be able to present this cheque so we can start building a new village!” said Rosemer Enverga during the presentation. PCCF through its advocacies and through events like the prestigious Miss Philippines Canada, Little Miss Philippines Canada, Mrs. Philippines Canada and Miss Teen Philippines pageants and the yearly and the biggest indoor Filipino gathering in North America, the Pinoy Fiesta and Trade Show sa Toronto is able to support worthy causes like ANCOP. “Let’s build more houses for the poor!” said Romy Rafael.



Philippine Canadian Charitable Foundation (PCCF) did it once again by donating over $15,000 towards the building of houses for the poor through ANCOP Canada last August 20, 2017. PCCF has been active for only 6 years, yet the organization has donated millions of pesos towards the funding of various projects for the poor and the needy in the Philippines, a record breaking feat for a fledgling organization who has promised to advocate for Charity and advocate for community.

Through the success of PCCF's signature events like the biggest annual indoor community celebration in Canada, Pinoy Fiesta & Trade Show Toronto , the Pageants with a Cause: Miss Philippines-Canada , Mrs. Philippines-Canada and Little Miss Philippines Canada pageants and the PCCF Volleyball championship, PCCF is able to support their charitable endeavours.

The annual ANCOP Walk happens nationwide from Montreal to the east, Yellowknife to the North and Vancouver to the west. ANCOP Walk in Toronto draws the biggest number of walkers that covered miles of downtown roads, pausing traffic in the biggest city in Canada. PCCF joined the Toronto walk with the charitable mission in mind led by PCCF President Romy Rafael and EVP Rosemer Enverga, PCCF contingent includes Miss Philippines Canada 2017, Mrs. Philippines Canada, Miss Teen Philippines Canada & Little Miss Philippines Canada , PCCF officers, Neph & Rose Ramos, Jojo & Fe Taduran, Noemi Milanes, Ning Talandato, Amelia Arcillo, Larry & Jane Receno, Jewel Gomes, Mario Alpuerto, Mila & Jimmy Lupango, Romy & Rebecca Rafael, Rosemer Enverga and other supporters of PCCF.

PCCF has completed its PCCF Tala Village of 21 houses with a multi-purpose centre in Caloocan City that will house rehabilitated Leprosy victims and their families. Rosemer Enverga, EVP of PCCF, stated, " By supporting the events of PCCF, you are already helping the poor and the needy in the Philippines." Expect more charity announcements to come!


On December 10, 2016, a donation of $11,500 was handed over to ANCOP President Ricky Cuenca to support its mission and build more homes for the poor in the Philippines. Ricky praised PCCF for its continued support and will use these funds to complete the PCCF ANCOP Village in Tala, Caloocan, where dozens of families have been previously afflicted by Leprosy.

"Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, for the rights of all who are destitute. Speak up and judge fairly; defend the rights of the poor and needy." -Proverbs 31:8-9

Philippine Canadian Charitable Foundation (PCCF) once again visited the Tala ANCOP Village, the home for the Leprosy victims in Quezon City. The PCCF delegation headed by Rosemer Enverga, visited the completed houses for the poor that were built with the help of the fund raising efforts of the officers and supporters of PCCF's through various community initiatives like Miss Philippines Canada, Little Miss Philippines Canada, the Mrs. Philippines Canada and one of the biggest annual Filipino Canadian community indoor events in Canada, the Pinoy Fiesta and Trade Show Toronto.

The delegation that included Miss Philippines Canada 2015 Nathalie Ramos, Miss Teen Phils. Canada 2015 Ansha Joy Hipolito, Little Miss Phils 2015 Angeli Lachica, Mrs. Phils. Canada 2015 Ning Talandato, Little Miss Phils. Canada 2014 Arielle Perez & Little Miss Phils. Canada 2015 runners-up Alyssa Ong and Kaila Ventura and their families were very proud of their accomplishments and were greatly pleased to help in the distribution of bags containing personal hygiene items, canned goods, school supplies, slippers, etc. to the new owners of the houses that PCCF funded. It was indeed an experience of a lifetime for the pageantry and for everyone who supported the various events of PCCF , they had fun and helped at the same time.


On August 15, 2015, Philippine Canadian Charitable Foundation or PCCF has once again fulfilled its promise of advocating for Charity by walking for the poor at the ANCOP Walk and donated an addition $10,000 making it a total donation of $13,000 this year to ANCOP. The monetary donation will build more houses for poor families in the Philippines.

On March 21st, 2015 various organizations led by PCCF (Philippine Canadian Charitable Foundation) bid adieu to Toronto's Consul General and Ambassador-designate to Jordan, Junever Mahilum-West. Proceeds from this event were donated to ANCOP (Answering the Cry of the Poor).Thank you to the media and community organizations for your continued support!










As winner of Miss Philippines Canada 2014, Krisgelle won a trip to the Philippines to experience the true beauty and culture of the Philippines. While reconnecting with her roots, she visited the houses donated by PCCF through ANCOP and was warmly welcomed by its grateful residents.  Building houses for the poor and the needy, in this case, those families afflicted by leprosy, is one of the worthy cause of PCCF.











Missing limbs and disfigured faces are just some of the qualities of Leprosy victims. Although these ancient disease is now curable, the victims are still being haunted by their misfortunes. Leprosy victims were more often ostracized by their communities, even their families.

They are the poorest of the poor and they are the most likely to be hopeless and feel their lives as meaningless.


Philippine Canadian Charitable Foundation or PCCF wants to give them hope, PCCF wants to give them dignity and meaningful life. PCCF are donating the funds to build them homes through ANCOP or Answering the cry of the Poor organization. Last January a group of PCCF officials led by EVP Rosemer Enverga with Miss Philippines Canada Caitlin Pantaleon, Mrs. Philippines Canada Chona Stinson and Little Miss Philippines Canada Anjali Pathmanathan visited the site at Tala, Caloocan to meet the recipients of the first ten houses. Another ten houses were pledged to complete the village. The delegation was greeted by performances from the children and adults. Later on that day, the pageantries distributed four balikbayan boxes of backpacks donated by the Pantaleon Family, full of school supplies to children and bags full of candies and other goodies.


It was truly an experience of a lifetime for the PCCF delegation, most especially the pageantry for indeed their hard work has paid off, they made quite a remarkable difference to other peoples' lives. They are giving hope and dignity to the leprosy victims, they are even bringing their families together by living in their own homes. One of the recipients quoted, " they are not only beautiful outside but also beautiful inside". PCCF president, Romy Rafael declared, "We can only help if our events like Pinoy Fiesta and the pageantry are successful, we have to work harder, we need everyone's support, we have to be

united to be able to help the poorest of the poor, we have to have fun and help at the same time." (Original post


Having fun, while helping others!

ANCOP Walk 2012: PCCF Donates $10,000!

Answer the Cry of the Poor

The PCCF entourage visiting the village where the ANCOP village is being built (January 2012) Our Miss Philippines Canada 2011 (Rachel Pantaleon), Mrs. Philippines Canada 2011 (Noemi Milanes) and other PCCF volunteers handed out candies and other goodies to the local children.

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