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Nathalie Ramos

As Miss Philippines Canada 2015, I would like to thank PCCF for giving me the opportunity to showcase my talent and beauty for a greater cause bigger than myself. Participating in this pageant I have not only raised awareness to my family and friends but also within myself. Through that I long to be an advocate in helping others especially the less fortunate. I would also like to extend my deepest appreciation to all of my supporters for believing in me. Congratulations to our Miss Teen Philippines Canada 2015 Ansha Joy Hipolito and all the beautiful candidates Hailey Casil, Princess Manabat, Fienness Mendoza, Ashley Castillo, Leanne Gabrielle, Maisie Floriano, Audrey Bushell, Shyanne Monarie Pizana; you're all an inspiration to me and no doubt a great example for generations to follow. Stay beautiful inside and out because as the late Maya Angelou once said "Nothing can dim the light that shines from within.".

- Nathalie Ramos, Miss Philippines Canada 2015

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