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Toronto Police Awards PCCF Foundation Leader!

Congratulations to PCCF Foundation Leader, Chris Jones for this well-deserved award by the Toronto Police!

According to Chris Jones, "[He] was driving the bus when I came to a bus stop and saw a little boy crying all alone. I said to him, 'what's wrong?' He said he lost his mother! I asked him where did he loose her? He replied on the bus! I then... realized he got off a bus and his mother didn't know he was missing.

I called Transit Control to inform them that I needed to take this bus out of service in order to keep the boy safe on my bus. I also informed they needed to alert the police to attend to him. Police from 42 Division found the mother and reunited the child. He is now safe and sound.

The police called TTC to have me to come to 42 Division to have my photo taken and they presented me with TTC Community Award of 42 Diision. They said I saved this 5 year old child by being vigilant and alert on the job. He could have been abducted or hit by a car or worse."


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