PCCF Having Fun, while helping others in the Philippines!

JANUARY, 2019 - PHILIPPINES - The Philippine Canadian Charitable Foundation (PCCF) entourage embarked on its annual trip to the Philippines to fulfill its promise to help the needy and promote Philippine culture.

The entourage included PCCF's Rosemer Enverga, Romy & Rebecca Rafael, Amelia Arcillo, Gloria Salvador as well as the 2018 pageant winners who won free trips to the Philippines as part of their prize: Miss Philippines Canada-Ranielle Macapagal, Miss Teen Philippines Canada-Alexa Marie Grant, Little Miss Philippines Canada-Samantha Sarmiento, Mrs. Philippines Canada-Elvie Ortiz and runners-up Ashlyn Velecina, Jasmine Jade Browne and Little Miss Philippines 2016 - Angelina Siao.