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There were so many pleasant surprises at the Pinoy Fiesta & Trade Show last June 9 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, one of the more notable surprises was the announcement made of the pledge to donate over one Million pesos for the needy in the Philippines by the Philippine Canadian Charitable Foundation (PCCF)! The other surprise was the announcement by a member of the Parliament, Corneliu Chisu, that Rosemer Enverga, the EVP and Marketing Chair for the Fiesta will receive the Queen Elizabeth II 60th Jubilee Medal.

Rosemer Albovias Enverga received the medal that same night and with a certificate that indicates “… for your outstanding community and charitable involvements….” Rosemer led various major fundraisers that benefited the poor and the needy in the Philippines and Canada. Rosemer Albovias Enverga humbly received the award and indicated that the award is not hers alone but also for all the members of PCCF and other organizations that supported and believed in her.

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