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Philippine Canadian Charitable Foundation (PCCF) true to its advocacy for charity is sending Dialysis Machines to various hospitals in the Philippines that cater to poor and needy patients. PCCF is hoping that the hospitals will give the treatment for free, if not... just charge for a minimum fee to pay for related supplies and technical services.

Dialysis Machines are life saving equipment that are in dire need in the Philippines. A lot of sick Filipinos needing dialysis treatment sometimes opt to fade away from our world instead of spending all their livelihood and savings to seek treatment. This is a sad but true reality for some poor Filipinos.

The Machines will be a great help for poor Filipinos needing treatment, which will literally prolong and/or grant them a ‘second life’. PCCF once again will deliver its promise to help our Kababayans.

PCCF President, Romy Rafael, indicated in an interview that "Helping our Kababayans is a passion for all the PCCF officers and supporters" and "Thanks to all the supporters of PCCF, without them supporting PCCF events like the Pinoy Fiesta and the PCCF Pageants, PCCF will not be able to achieve its goals."

On this note, let us all have Fun and Help at the same time by joining us at the Pinoy Fiesta and Trade Show Toronto on June 22, 2013 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre Hall "D" with superstars, Dennis Trillo, Glaiza de Castro and Rafael Rosell from the number one TV network in the Philippines, GMA Pinoy TV. Rain, Storm or Shine, the show will go on, all day and evening as promised for only $15. For more information, visit:

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