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PCCF Pageant Beauties' trip to the Philippines

The winners of the 2013 PCCF Beauty Pageants were excited to claim their prize and travel to the Philippines! Here are just some of the highlights.

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January 15th, 2014 - Visit to the ANCOP Village in Tala, Caloocan

The PCCF entourage including Little Miss Philippines Canada 2013 - Anjali Pathmanathan, Miss Philippines Canada 2013 - Caitlin Pantaleon, Mrs. Philippines Canada 2013 - Chona Stinson, representing Little Mr Philippines, Edward Jones together with their families and Senator Tobias Enverga and PCCF members - Rosemer Enverga, Ron & Cheryl Pantaleon, Kriss & Gemma Jones (Sena Flores & Gloria/Phillip Rafanan) were warmly welcomed by the ANCOP beneficiaries. Through the success of PCCF's events, a new village will rise in the Philippines to support families who have been affected by leprosy. Let us continue to help our kababayans!

January 17th, 2014 -


Ate Katelyn: Im from Canada but I'm a Filipina

Aleng Maliit: Oh, I'm from Pampanga and I'm a Filipina!

Pagaling na ng pagaling si Aleng Maliit, Congratulations po sa ating Dabarkads!

It was quite an experience for the current Miss Philippines Canada 2013 Caitlin Pantaleon, she was chosen to be the guest at the Ryzza Mae Show. The interview by Ryzza was a blast, the audience was full of laughter all throughout the exchange of pleasantries and questions like are you Canadian or Filipino which Caitlin answers she is both a Canadian and a Filipino, which Ryzza replied by saying she is both from Pampanga and a Filipino, to everyone's laughter. Caitlin partly performed her best in talent performance in the show, got a big round of applause from the audience. To see full video :

Philippine Canadian Charitable Foundation or PCCF delegation was on hand to watch the show, Mrs Philippines Canada Chona Stinson and Little Miss Philippines Canada Angeli Patmanathan...were also both well acknowledged within the crowd and on international TV. A truly experience of a lifetime indeed. If you or you know anyone one who wants to have an experience of a lifetime call Bing 905 472 3194, Fe 416 456 4891 or Ethel 416 423 4753 or email or visit

  • Donation was presented to one of the hosts of 24 ORAS, Mel Tiangco of the KAPUSO FOUNDATION

If you or anyone else you know is interested in joining Little Miss Philippines Canada 2014, Little Mr. Philippines Canada 2014, Miss Philippines Canada 2014, Miss Teen Philippines Canada 2014 or Mrs. Philippines Canada 2014. Contact us now! E-mail

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