Missing limbs and disfigured faces are just some of the qualities of Leprosy victims. Although these ancient disease is now curable, the victims are still being haunted by their misfortunes. Leprosy victims were more often ostracized by their communities, even their families. They are the poorest of the poor and they are the most likely to be hopeless and feel their lives as meaningless.

Philippine Canadian Charitable Foundation or PCCF wants to give them hope, PCCF wants to give them dignity and meaningful life. PCCF are donating the funds to build them homes through ANCOP or Answering the cry of the Poor organization. Last January a group of PCCF officials led by EVP Rosemer Enverga with Miss Philippines Canada Caitlin Pantaleon, Mrs. Philippines Canada Chona Stinson and Little Miss Philippines Canada Anjali Pathmanathan visited the site at Tala, Caloocan to meet the recipients of the first ten houses. Another ten houses were pledged to complete the village. The delegation was greeted by performances from the children and adults. Later on that day, the pageantries distributed four balikbayan boxes of backpacks donated by the Pantaleon Family, full of school supplies to children and bags full of candies and other goodies.