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Mrs. Philippines Canada and her Mission for the Mangyan Tribe

Velona Daliva proved that in Mrs Philippines Canada pageantry, external beauty is just second to the beauty of the heart.

Mrs. Philippines Canada Velona Daliva was on a mission when she visited the students from the Mangyan tribes. The students walked down from their mountain tribes to give Velona and family a very warm welcome. The remote school in Calatagan Oriental Mindoro was composed mostly of students from the indigenous Mangyan tribe. According to Velona meeting the students, parents and teachers was such an exhilarating experience because of the very warm hospitality she received from everyone.

Velona talked about her experiences and challenges in Canada and how she got crowned as Mrs. Philippines Canada. Velona in her statement reiterated that Philippine Canadian Charitable foundation where she is a member has contributed so much to help the welfare of poor and needy in the Philippines. Other than giving her heart out and warm wishes Mrs. Philippines Canada 2014 Velona Daliva served meals and distributed school supplies to the delight of the entire elementary school students.

PCCF president, Romy Rafael declared, "We can only help if our events like Pinoy Fiesta and the pageantry are successful, we have to work harder, we need everyone's support, we have to be united to be able to help the poorest of the poor, we have to have fun and help at the same time."

We are now recruiting candidates for Miss, Miss Teen, Little Miss and Mrs to join us in 2015... JOIN A PAGEANTS WITH A CAUSE!

For more information, please e-mail: or visit -Rosemer A. Enverga, Pageant Director

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