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Philippine Canadian Charitable Foundation or PCCF has once again fulfilled its promise of advocating for Charity by walking for the poor at the ANCOP Walk and donated $13,000! The monetary donation will build more houses for poor families in the Philippines. PCCF through its advocacy of the community by holding events like the very prestigious Miss Philippines Canada, Little Miss Philippines Canada, Mrs. Philippines Canada, whose finales are being showcased in one of the biggest annual and much awaited indoor community events in Canada, the Pinoy Fiesta and Trade Show sa Toronto. Rosemer Enverga, EVP of PCCF, stated that, "This is just the start of giving back to the community and there will be more announcements to come!"

To-date, the 5th year Anniversary of Pinoy Fiesta and Trade Show sa Toronto, PCCF has donated over $66,000 to different worthy causes like the victims of the recent Nepal Earthquake... what an incredible accomplishment for a relatively new organization. ANCOP is one of PCCF's main beneficiaries. ANCOPS's president, Ricky Cuenca, thanked PCCF and reminded everyone that, "Answering the Cry of the Poor (ANCOP) through Faith and Action... the ANCOP Walk is an annual global fundraising event that raises funds for the poor in the Philippines and other third world countries. The donation ANCOP receives will go towards providing shelter, housing and child education programs for the poor living in extreme poverty." The annual walk in Toronto Downtown was attended by different organizations both civic and religious. Prominent among those who participated in the ANCOP Walk were Minister Joe Oliver, Senator Enverga, PCCF VPs Mario Alpuerto, Gloria & Philip Rafanan, Secretary Lita & Tony Leano, PRO Jojo & Fe Taduran, Finance Danio Penuliar, Business Liaison Chris Jones, Community Liaison, Li Eron and of course, PCCF's Ambassadors Miss Philippines Canada - Nathalie Ramos, Miss Teen Philippines Canada -Ansha Hipolito, Little Miss Philippines Canada runners- up, Jasmine Flores and Kyla Ventura, and Little Mr. Philippines Canada, Edward Jones.

Romy Rafael, President of PCCF indicated ,"we would like to thank everyone who supported the events of PCCF, they had fun and were able to help at the same time!"

For more information, volunteer and sponsorship opportunities please visit, e-mail or find PCCF on facebook.

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