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Philippine Canadian Charitable Foundation (PCCF) is proud to announce that the first ever Sungka Championship will be held at the Pinoy Fiesta and Trade Show on June 18, 2016 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. Sungka is a traditional Philippine game played with seashells on a wooden, boat like board. It is known that Sungka improves mathematical thinking and teaches patience and observation skills, that is why parents are urged to introduce their kids to play Sungka other than video games. If you want a more energized game, come and join the annual Ping-Pong Tournament or casually play with Ping-Pong enthusiast, otherwise just watch as professional ping pong players swing, run and swat the ball with energy and vigor. If you know of anyone who knows how to play Sungka or Ping-Pong and would like to play in a friendly game or join the tournament to win a trophy and prizes, please email or just drop by at the Sungka Championship and Ping-Pong corners at the Pinoy Fiesta and trade show. F

or more information visit or look for us on Facebook.

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