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Table Tennis: Joshua Baril wins Pinoy Fiesta Open

Unseeded on the FCTTC ranking list, Joshua Baril won the Pinoy Fiesta Open Singles Title on Saturday, June 18, 2016 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. No current and past players in the FCTTC history had caused major upsets at the smi-finals and finals in the same tournment. Joshua came mentally prepared and accomplsihed that feat. In the semi-finals, he beat number one seed Gary Dayaon in a very tense match. And in the championship title he outplayed Ruel Vergera, the most decorated player in the club in straight sets. He was able to deal with all Vergara's shots and got into a good rhythm. Baril played quite consistently and mistake free, which is one thing every player is always striving to do. Outstanding achievements for Joshua as it was his turn to be in the centre stage.

In the group event, Regor Justiniano showed that he is the superior in the group and outclassed all his oppenent and bagged the championship trophy. Coach Huber Ignacio placed 2nd and Johnson Alhas upended Vincent Adulfo again and took the 3rd place trophy.

In the Group B event, Johnson Alhas emerged as the surprise winner when he beat Vincent Adulfo, a young and talented player in the finals. 3rd place went to Llyod Dulfo when he came through against Hector Aquino.

Meanwhile, in the Women's event, Kris the top seed negotiated all her opponents and capture the championship trophy. The runner-up trophy went to Marianne Brillantes and Daisy Gerrer went home with the 3rd place trophy when she beat Kristine Gallardo.

In the 55 and over category event ended in the triple tie between Clem Cabillan, Wilbert Co and Ernie Larosa. Clem emerged as the champion by points. Wilbert 2nd and Ernie 3rd place.

And in the last event of the tournment, ERnie Larosa went on to win the Hard Bat competition without dropping a set. Regor Justiniano was the runner-up and Nelson Giles 3rd place.

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