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PCCF Co-ed Cup - a day full of cheers!

Twelve Co-ed Volleyball teams participated in the first ever sports fundraiser held by Philippine Canadian Charitable Foundation (PCCF). The two divisions of recreation and competitive were held at D'arcy McGee Catholic School. An estimated 115 people attended the event composed of athletes, spectators, family and friends.

The Co-ed Volleyball tournament was led by a group of young Filipino leaders: Patrick, Lyka, Ashleigh, Dawn, Mark and Maggie. The event itself surpassed the expected attendance and looks to be a promising project for the youth committee.

The PCCF youth committee is already on the look-out for partners and vendors for the next coming year. Patrick decided to take on this event, for PCCF wanted an event different from what PCCF is known for.

Being a basketball enthusiast, Patrick wanted to host something different. He thought they could host a co-ed volleyball tournament and they did it! "We have to thank PCCF and all the volunteers who helped out. We couldn't have put this together if it wasn't for our collaboration. It is also refreshing to hear from the teams who participated mention that they enjoyed it and can't wait for the next one!" said the organizers. PCCF plans to acknowledge the winners and the participating teams at their flagship event at Pinoy Fiesta.

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