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Unilever A Crowd Favourite At The Pinoy Fiesta 2017

The Pinoy Fiesta & Trade Show Toronto, is one of the biggest indoor celebrations in North America, attracting over 15,000 Filipinos and over a hundred vendors to the Metro Convention Centre. This year Unilever’s Cream Silk conditioners and Lady’s Choice spreads made their presence felt, receiving a huge welcome from visitors, as they are popular brands that many Filipinos have grown up with back home.

Filipinos are passionate about good food, which explained the excited crowds at the Lady’s Choice tent. A popular brand of spreads, Lady’s Choice promoted their variants through a free recipe leaflet, and a ‘Spin the Wheel’ game, with much-appreciated prizes from Unilever, like the Lady’s Choice Sandwich Spread, Lady’s Choice Tuna Spread, Knorr Tamarind Soup base, Knorr Liquid Seasoning, and attractive lunch boxes. Visitors were eager to win the spreads to try our featured recipes, and enthusiastically cheered on the winners.

The attractive Cream Silk tent was a huge draw with people lining up to play the ‘Toss the Ring’ game. Players had to ring a Cream Silk cut-out to win the actual product as a prize. There was excitement all around, as many mothers and daughters lined up to play together, with the onlookers cheering them on. The popular Cream Silk conditioners come in three variants, all of which benefit users with healthy, shiny, beautiful hair.

While Cream Silk products were the stars of the show, Cream Silk sponsored and created another star, Miss Cream Silk, at Pinoy Fiesta’s Miss Philippines-Canada Beauty Pageant. The contestant with the best hair was bestowed with the title of Miss Cream Silk, and a cheque of $1,000. A delighted Miss Denise Palencia was chosen as the very First Miss Cream Silk winner for 2017. The winner of the Miss Philippines-Canada 2017 pageant, Miss ReshamSaed, also received a prize if $1,000 from Cream Silk.

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