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PCCF Donates to Missionaries of Charity

"Do the little things well and you shall be entrusted with more." - Mother Theresa

Last January 26, 2018, PCCF gave back to the poorest of the poor in the Philippines by donating hundreds of bags which included canned goods, cookies, personal hygiene items and more.

It was a humbling involvement that PCCF's entourage will cherish forever. The officers, supporters and the pageant beauties which included Miss Philippines Canada 2017, Miss Teen Philippines Canada 2017, Little Miss Philippines Canada 2017, Mrs Philippines Canada 2017 experienced firsthand how much all their love and support for the needy was appreciated. "These memories and experiences will last for a longtime and we encourage others to support PCCF's activities like the Pageants and the Pinoy Fiesta & Trade Show Toronto events because the net proceeds go towards helping the poorest of the poor" said Rosemer Enverga, PCCF EVP.

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