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January 22, 2018, the PCCF team came all the way from Canada this time for the unveiling of the marker of the Sen. Tobias Enverga Jr. multi-purpose hall (MPH) which is now nearing its construction completion.

PCCF Executive Vice President Rosemer Enverga, wife of the late senator of Canada and founder of PCCF, Tobias “Jun” Enverga Jr. In her emotional message to the homepartners, she mentioned the kindness of the late senator and how he advocated in championing the poor especially in the Philippines and his untiring support to the programs of CFC ANCOP. She also pledged to continue the work by providing more houses for the families in need.

PCCF officers, Romy & Rebecca Rafael, Lita Leano, Rosemarie & Neph Ramos, Little Miss Philippines Canada 2017 Marianne Barcase, Miss Teen Philippines Canada 2017 Jenna Ramos, PCCF Miss Philippines Canada 2017 Resham Saeed, Mrs. Philippines Canada 2017 Mrs. Laila Elcano were greatly pleased to help in the distribution of PCCF bags containing personal hygiene items, canned goods, school supplies, slippers, etc to the beneficiaries of the village.

Ricky Cuenca, ANCOP Canada President and member of the CFC International Council, also graced the event with the team from ANCOP Canada. With gladness he said, “This is a great day for us to honor and glorify the Lord. And this is a great day for us to give back to the community.”

To expand the reach of support, PCCF pledged to build 15 more houses by this year to uphold the said initiatives as an annual project with CFC ANCOP.

Check out more of PCCF's beneficiaries here:

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