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PCCF @ Superskillz 2020: Bagong Kabanata | New Chapter

The Philippine Canadian Charitable Foundation (PCCF) was proud to support Superskillz 2020! The event took place at the Cardinal Carter Academy for the Arts auditorium last March 7th, 2020. It was an evening packed with awesome local talents who represented their college/university through dance, rap, song or hilarious comedy sketches. The event was emceed by the witty hosts from FilipinoTV - Markie Mark and Patrick Dooc, who is also PCCF's youth coordinator.

Among the attendees were Consul General Orontes V. Castro, PCCF President Rosemer Enverga, Leonard Cervantes who co-founded Superskillz over 20 years ago, Atty William Luke and students from all across Canada. Congratulations to Filipino Canadian Student Association (FILCASA) President Georelle, her team and to the performers for making this event possible! More power to FILCASA!


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