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Thousands upon thousands of fans were so quiet,some gasping for air, some with wide opened eyes and mouths waitingearnestly to hear the announcement... and then the proclamation came ... "The winner is....(Drum Rolling)...Miss Philippines Canada 2013is ....(Drum still rolling).... is CAITLIN PANTALEON!", crowd exploded with screams of exaltation, Hall D of Metro Toronto Convention Centre,all 100,000 sq ft of them suddenly filled up with Jubilation as theycelebrate the coming of their new princess.

Pinoy Fiesta and Trade Show sa Toronto completewith GMA Pinoy Stars, Dennis Trillo, Glaiza de Castro and Rafael Rosell,Marching Band and Banderitas never let the crowd down. The pageantries of alifetime were to show and to behold, a spectacle of beauties and talentsfor everyone. The crowd of thousands, with the same vim and vitality, also witnessed the crowning of Little Miss Philippines Canada 2013,ANJALI PATHNAMANATHAN, Mrs. Philippines Canada 2013, CHONA STINSON and thefirst Miss Teen Philippines Canada, ALANNA SAGICI. The beauty of all thispageantry is that the whole day programming was weaved together expertly orshould I say professionally to make every cultural and contemporary programs tomerge together to create a wholesome and continuous entertainment for everyone. Raymond Carmona of Chicago with his family has this to say, "Although, we were not rooting for any of the candidates, our family enjoyedevery minute of the pageants, it was like a show within a show, I have neverseen such exciting performances, exciting lahat !"

All the candidates experienced the grandeur of thePinoy Fiesta's SantaCruzan as they paraded in one of the biggestindoor Fiestas in Canada led by the world renowned Philippine Heritage Band,they all performed the cha-cha-cha shoulder to shoulder with some of thebiggest stars in Philippine Television. Prior to the Pinoy Fiesta, they were allfeatured in an interview Canada wide, in national television via Omni 2'sFrontpage Philippines Channel, Newspapers and the Youtube/Facebook (reachedover 150, 000 views). As some of them are preparing to go to Manila to befeatured in the number one TV network in the Philippines, all of them realizedthat they are all winners. But first, Caitlin and entourage has toprepare for thousands again are waiting for them in Montreal. They are one ofthe special guests at the biggest Pistahan Mid July, the experienceof a lifetime continues....

Other winners are: Miss Philippines Canada; Melissa, Dawn Flora, Kimberly, Michelle, Alannah, Analyn , Meryl Rae,Lourdes, Jurice and Rouzine Fe; Little Miss Philippines Canada; CarmelitaMae , Natalie Eunice , Romielle Denise, Kesa Nova, Sharise , Justine , Danielleand Tricia : Mrs. Philippines Canada; Clare, Gemma Cura , Rohra Ann and Alma. Congratulations to all of them.


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