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Ricky Cuenca and Rosemer Enverga of PCCF Toronto lead house turnover in ANCOP village

In a brief ceremony on January 13, 2016, the president of ANCOP Canada together with the head of Philippine Canadian Charitable Foundation (PCCF) led the official turnover of 48 housing units at the Fr. Paul D. Foulon and PCCF CFC ANCOP Community. Present were visitors from Toronto and local ANCOP partners and supporters. The housing units in Fr. Paul D. Foulon and PCCF CFC ANCOP Village were built through the help of various donors: Fr. Paul Foulon and the Holy Rosary Parish in USA, PCCF, and Dr. Jose N. Rodriguez Memorial Hospital. PCCF is a Canadian charity in Toronto founded by Senator Tobias Enverga and his wife Rosemer with the help of their friends. Its aim is to assist various community charitable needs by conducting annual events that would bring together the Filipino-Canadian community to raise funds and promote the spirit of charity. Some of PCCF events are the Pinoy Fiesta in Toronto, Pinoy Hip-Hop Rap and beauty pageants for a cause such as Miss Philippines Canada, Miss Teen Philippines Canada, Mrs. Philippines Canada, and Little Miss/Mr. Philippines Canada. The proceeds of the shows benefit various initiatives for the Filipinos including ANCOP and Philippine TV network GMA’s Kapuso Foundation.

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