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Last Sunday January 12th, 2020 the Taal Volcano in Batangas began to errupt causing the evacuation of over 30,000 residents. Plumes of ash have left villages abandoned impacting crops and animals. Efforts are underway to support those impacted by this calamity. To donate and support with relief efforts, PCCF has partnered with ANCOP. We will keep you updated on our Facebook page on other ways you can support. For now, we ask that you keep those impacted in your prayers. Thank you! Salamat!


Canadian Filipinos unite for relief efforts after Taal volcano eruption

Melissa Lopez Martinez

Special to

Published Tuesday, January 14, 2020 1:36PM EST

TORONTO -- In the province of Batangas, just South of Manila, the eruption of the volcano has caused over 30,000 villagers to leave their homes.

Community organizations such as the Philippine Canadian Charitable Foundation have already begun relief efforts. Rosemer Enverga, the president of the organization, says the group had already planned a trip to the Philippines for their annual charity project.

The group works to build homes and rehabilitation centres for those with medical conditions such as leprosy patients and special needs orphaned children.​

Twenty volunteers, including Enverga, are scheduled to leave on Wednesday for a five-day trip. A few of the volunteers left a couple days early and told her of the scene when they arrived at the airport.

“When they went to the airport it was a mess, it was crowded and people were just frustrated. They were stranded there,” she told in a telephone interview on Monday.

Enverga says their organization is asking for the public to make monetary donations so volunteers can purchase supplies such as facemasks and eye drops.

“Right now we’re appealing to the public to help out. The next few days are very critical. Right now they’ve lost their houses, they have nothing. They might have shelters for now but after that they need more help. Now they need food, masks and eye drops,” said Enverga.

The volunteers had planned to visit the city of Lipa, which is located in the same province as Taal. Enverga says their trip will continue unless the area becomes too dangerous.

“We’re hoping and praying somehow the ashes will clear up and we can go through with that but if not we cannot compromise our officers and the people that are coming with us,” said Enverga,

Multiple government offices and schools were closed due to health risks from the ash.

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